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Spray foam insulationColer Natural Insulation is the go-to insulation company serving Victor, NY. We offer a variety of high quality, energy efficient products that will provide comfort and help you save on energy costs. 


About Our Insulation Company

Our insulation products are designed to provide insulation for homeowners with a variety of needs on a variety of budgets. Our different types of insulation all have their specific advantages. Coler will never recommend a product based strictly on revenue. Instead, we will learn what you need, recommend products, and even educate you on the products you are receiving. 

To further provide the best services we possibly can, we can provide you an energy audit. Energy audits are great because it allows us to find specific weaknesses in your home where energy is lost. We can use an infrared camera to determine the degree of energy loss throughout your home. After we conduct our 10-point energy audit, we will provide you with key information that will help you determine your next move. We discuss the products we offer to best fit your needs. You will learn about the products, how they work, potential ROI, the health benefits, and anything else you would like to learn. 


Our insulation company is committed to a better environment, which is why we use eco-friendly materials in our products. For example, our cellulose insulation is made from recycled material, such as newspaper, cardboard, recyclable waste products, and more. Our low-e reflective is made from recycled milk jugs. 

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We are only a short drive away from Victor, NY. Please give us a call today to discuss what you need and we will help you achieve greater comfort with better energy savings!

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