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Spray Foam


spray-in-place insulation is an innovative, two-part polyurethane. It available in open celled and closed celled foam. In one step provides a sealed thermal envelope that simplifies construction practices. 


Coler Natural Insulation utilizes certified technicians that specialize in the installation of spray foam insulation. Application of the product can generally occur independent of environmental conditions--it can be installed in hot, humid, or freezing conditions--and surface preparation is generally not necessary. Once spray foam insulation has been sprayed, curing takes only a few seconds.

Cost Effectiveness

Forming a true thermal seal, spray foam insulation has the ability to reduce utility bills over standard construction techniques. That means your potential savings can be huge. Still, some people may be tempted to use a less expensive, but largely inferior, conventional insulation when building their home. This is a big mistake. Why? Because building with spray foam Insulation only affects your mortgage payments marginally, perhaps by a few dollars, but your monthly utility bill could drop by a hundred dollars or more. With spray foam Insulation you start saving right away, and continue to do so for the entire life of your home.

Spray foam insulation has a high R-value for the life of the building. This reduces heating and cooling energy costs, and constantly pays back the investment. AlthoughSpray Foam typically has a slight cost premium over "economy" insulation systems, experience has shown this is more than paid back to all parties:

  • Residential owners get reduced utility bills and greater building comfort
  • Commercial users get reduced utility bills, greater employee comfort, better control of the building and reduction of "sick building" situations.
  • Builders complete the project sooner and avoid call-backs and problems.