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Pete Skinner

Pete Skinner, who lives outside Albany, N.Y., is a professional engineer and energy auditor for the NYS Energy Smart Program and knows his stuff when it comes to building designs and efficiencies. As a professor from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he seeks out cost efficient and green alternatives to conventional building techniques and considers them in the context of the Energy Star ratings. 


Skinner's garage had been ruining the view from his sunroom for too long-20 years too long. This year he decided to move it to a new location and, while he was at it, add an office and a rec. room/workshop below them. He designed the 1300 sq. ft. building with an eye toward energy efficiency. 

"When it comes to energy-saving buildings, I'm about as tough a customer as you can get," says Skinner, who is currently working with environmental groups and the State of New York to develop an enhanced Energy Smart program specifically targeted to the Adirondacks. 

He chose spray foam Insulation, made in part from soy bean oil, for his garage because he wanted to insulate with an environmentally friendly product and achieve low air infiltration simultaneously. He says that the spray foam insulation he used for the walls and ceiling achieves more than an equivalent R-40 in the ceiling and R-20 in the walls.

"If you go with a stick frame building and want low infiltration-which you should-spray foam insulation is one of the quickest, most reliable ways to do it," he says. "Done right, spray foam insulation can make for a low infiltration space even before the sheet rock or interior finishing system is installed." 

Skinner saw an ad for spray foam in a publication and realized he could have the efficient product he wanted and go green too. He called the Upstate New York dealer, Coler Natural Insulation, and received a very professional quotation. 

"When the job was done, the final bill was right on the money - and right on the quality!" he says. Subsequent blower door tests on the space have illustrated that the building more than met his infiltration expectations. 

"The spray foam was cost effective with today's energy prices and Jim Coler was very professional about understanding my specific needs and providing a timely quote," says Skinner. 

The product was sprayed on a cold day with relatively low humidity, not the best conditions, notes Skinner, but he was impressed with Coler's application of spray foam. 

"His attention to detail is excellent, starting with the spotless high-tech rig he custom built for installing spray foam. It was even more gratifying to see the whole job completed in less than a day!" 

The Result: 

"Without reservation, I would recommend spray foam to other people," says Skinner. "For traditional stick framed buildings or additions, this is an excellent method to make homes and other buildings energy efficient and comfortable - all in one shot at a reasonable price!" 

Skinner is the owner of E2G, a company that does energy efficiency testing of existing homes as well as solar and energy efficiency design of new ones in collaboration with New York Energy Design Services.

Yeah, it looks great. It seems to be working great too. The wind has been blowing here like crazy the last few days and we don't feel anything inside the house. My father and I are both recommending your insulation to my brother for when he builds his house sometime in the near future.


For what it's worth, I haven't even used 3 tons of coal yet this year and the propane has not gone on in the house, with the exception of a weekend we were without power and I hooked a generator to it as the temperature dipped below 40. The upstairs is maintaining a 60 degree temperature from the downstairs coal stove alone, which wasn't the case last year after I installed it. It's going to be a little complicated figuring year to year and I'm going to have to spend some time estimating coal use from last year, but clearly, there are significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the heating in the house.

Take care.