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Paint to Protect Your Property in Rochester, NY

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your property from fire damage? Look no further than Coler Natural Insulation's Paint to Protect service in Rochester, NY. Our DC315 Fire Retardant and Thermal Barrier Foam Paint is a one-step solution for meeting code compliance on Polyurethane Foam "15 Minute Thermal Barrier" and "Ignition Barrier" ratings.

Benefits of DC315 Foam Paint

Our Certified Warnock Hersey listed and rated product offers a range of benefits, including reduced labor and material costs, fast turnaround times, and an easy application process. With a large single-coat spread rate, DC315 can be applied with a sprayer, brush, or roller, and it doesn't require complicated mixing. The product is non-toxic, low-VOC, and has no formaldehyde. It has a two-year shelf life and won't gum up or block spray equipment.

Certified Code-Compliant Coating

DC315 has passed certified testing for both the (UL-1715) 15 minute Thermal Barrier and the NFPA 286 (AC-377 standards) as an Ignition Barrier, making it a reliable and high-quality solution for meeting code compliance. Recommended for use on interior polyurethane foam surfaces, DC315 has been trusted by various institutions and facilities, including schools, colleges, nursing homes, child care centers, hospitals, and more.

Experienced and Reliable Team

Coler Natural Insulation is an experienced and reliable team with years of experience in the industry. Our team uses the latest techniques and products to deliver high-quality results every time, and we're dedicated to your satisfaction.

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