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Paint to Protect East Rochester, NY

Rely on Coler Natural Insulation for your paint to protect needs in East Rochester, NY. Our paint to protect services are offered for many different industrial buildings, institutions, and commercial spaces such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, railroads, and military operations. Our thermal barrier paint is as easy to apply as any latex paint, which makes installations quick. 

When you use our DC315 to cover your foam insulation, you get: 

  • Large single coat spread rate
  • UL 1715 Thermal Barrier – 88.88 sq. ft./gal @ 18 mils wet and 12 mils dry
  • NFPA 286 (AC377) Attic Crawl Space Ignition Barrier 130 sq. ft./gal @ 12 mils wet 8 mils dry
  • Reduced labor cost, reduced material cost and higher profits
  • Fast turnaround time



  • Easy to apply with a sprayer, brush or roller
  • No complicated mixing- just stir the paint before application
  • No waste
  • Fast and easy clean up of our water based latex product, tools & equipment
  • Will not gum up or block spray equipment


  • Passed strict EPA – VOC and AMQD tests
  • Non Toxic, Low Vapors, Low VOCs
  • No Formaldehyde
  • Two year shelf life
  • Certified Code Compliant Coating
  • Recommended for use on polyurethane foam surfaces. 



Retardant and Thermal Paint to Protect Services

The DC315 is a great and easy-to-apply product for interior use on polyurethane foam surfaces. It provides an instant result with no need to wait, which makes it perfect if you're looking to make your home or building more comfortable in the moment! We also provide lots of information about our products so customers can be educated on what they are using as well as understand best practices. 

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Contact our team of experts for all of your paint to protect needs in East Rochester, NY. Our services can be used on many types of buildings and can be adapted to best suit your specific needs. 

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